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Change Proposal: CP1475

Remove obligation to re-date final NHH Meter readings on CoMC

Proposer: E.ON Energy Solutions

Current Phase: Implemented

Lead Analyst: Elliott Harper

Category: SVA

Responsible Panel Committee: Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG)

Implementation Date: 29 June 2017 (June 2017 BSC Release)


CP1475 proposes to stop the re-dating of final Non Half Hourly (NHH) reading(s) on a Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) from NHH to Half Hourly (HH). This will be achieved by removing the process step where the NHH Meter Operator Agent (MOA) re-dates the meter register reading(s) in BSCP514.



CP1475 was raised by E.ON Energy Solutions on 14 October 2016. The new CP Progression Paper was presented to the SVG for information on 1 November 2016. The CP was issued for Consultation on 7 November 2016 with responses due by 2 December 2016. The SVG approved CP1475 on 4 January 2017.

Additional responses were included in version two of the CP Consultation Responses. The SVG was issued version two of the CP Consultation Responses, which they considered when making a decision on CP1475.

CP145 was implemented on 29 June 2017.


CP1475 Final CP Report  [929.6 Kb]
Document Date: 9 January 2017

CP1475 Assessment Report (SVG191/04)  [933.2 Kb]
Document Date: 20 December 2016

CP1475 CP Consultation Responses v2.0  [209.7 Kb]
Document Date: 16 December 2016

CP1475 Consultation Responses  [193.7 Kb]
Document Date: 9 December 2016

CP1475 CP Consultation  [852.7 Kb]
Document Date: 7 November 2016

CP1475 Progression Paper  [726.1 Kb]
Document Date: 24 October 2016

CP1475 Proposal Form  [202.2 Kb]
Document Date: 14 October 2016