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Change Proposal: CP1478

Automate the loading of the DF Matrix

Proposer: ELEXON

Current Phase: Implemented

Category: SVA

Responsible Panel Committee: Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG)

Implementation Date: 2 November 2017 (November 2017 BSC Systems Release)


CP1478 seeks to automate the loading of Trading Disputes information into the DF matrix in the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent system. It is proposed that this will reduce the risk of error associated with the current manual data entry process.


ELEXON raised CP1478 on 22 November 2016 and it was presented to the Supplier Volume Allocation Group on 6 December 2016. The Consultation period began on the 9 January 2017 and ended on Friday 3rd February 2017 at 5pm. This was presented at SVG on 28 February 2017 where it was given approval for implementation on 2 November 2017. CP1478 was implemented on 2 November 2017 as part of the November 2017 Release.


CP1478 Final CP Report  [960.2 Kb]
Document Date: 6 March 2017

CP1478 Assessment Report (SVG193/05)  [9.8 Mb]
Document Date: 28 February 2017

CP1478 Consultation Responses  [172.3 Kb]
Document Date: 3 February 2017

CP1478 Consultation  [9.9 Mb]
Document Date: 9 January 2017

CP1478 Progression Paper (SVG190/04)  [9.8 Mb]
Document Date: 28 November 2016

CP1478 Proposal Form  [193.0 Kb]
Document Date: 22 November 2016