Formal title: Creation of a new authorisation category for corrections to BOA related data

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


BSCP18 ‘Corrections to Bid-Offer Acceptance Related Data’ is ambiguous on who may authorise corrections to Bid-Offer Acceptance (BOA) data.  This lack of clarity is creating problems for the Transmission Company (TC) when trying to identify the right individual to contact and authorise corrections. This can cause delays in correcting BOA data. These delays could mean that corrections to data are not made by the Settlement Final (SF) Run causing incorrect data to enter Settlement.

CP1480 proposes the creation of a new Authorised Persons Category (Category “E”), specifically for this activity. Details of individuals in this new category would be made available to the TC for the purpose of seeking consent for corrections to BOA related data to be made. Additionally, the activity within BSCP38 can also be authorised by a Category “A” Authorised Person when no Category “E” Authorised Person is available.


The CP1480 Progression paper was presented to the ISG on 13 December 2016 to the SVG on 3 January 2017. It was then issued for CP Consultation on 9 January 2017, with responses due by 3 February 2017.

CP1480 was presented to the ISG on the 21 February 2017 for decision. ISG  asked for information on whether a shared mailbox can be used for an Authorised Person and if the list can be managed via the Elexon portal. As a result, they deferred the decision for CP1480 as they were concerned the proposed solution would not adequately address the problem.

CP1480 was presented to SVG for decision on 28 February 2017 and similarly they decided to defer CP1480 for a month to await the outcome of ISG’s questions. They asked if Elexon could explore an alternative solution and present the options at the next SVG meeting in April.

The ISG and SVG, at their meetings on 28 March 2017 and 4 April 2017 respectively, agreed to amend the solution to allow Category “A” Authorised Persons details to be provided to the TC where the TC had not been able to contact the Category “E” Authorised Persons. Both Committees believed this ‘escalation’ route would deliver a more robust solution and address the key concerns previously raised. As a result, a new CP Consultation was issued on 8 May 2017.

Due to data protection principles, we believe we are unable to fully address the ISG and SVG’s concerns and the defect identified by the TC. CP1480 was therefore rejected by the SVG on 4 July 2017 and the ISG on 25 July 2017.


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