CP1498: SVA Qualification Self-Assessment for MOAs

Formal title: Updates to BSCP537 Appendix 1 ‘Self-Assessment Document’ to incorporate an additional question for Meter Operator Agents on Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement Accreditation

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1498 proposes to add a question to sections 13.1.4, 14.1.4 and, for those CVA MOAs that intend to work on CVA Metering Equipment associated with a Boundary Point to a Distribution System or System Connection Point, section 15.1.3 of BSCP537 Appendix 1 ‘Self Assessment Document’. This will ensure that Meter Operator Agents (MOAs) complete both the BSC Qualification (and re-Qualification) and Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA®) Accreditation processes before entering the market.


CP1498 was implemented on 28 June 2018 as part of the June 2018 Release.

 CP1498 was approved by the ISG, PAB and SVG  at its meetings on 20 February 2018, 22 February 2018 and 27 February 2018 respectively.

CP1498 was issued for CP Consultation on 8 January 2018, with responses due by 2 February 2018. 

CP1498 was presented to the PAB, SVG and ISG for information at its meetings on 30 November 2017, 5 December 2017 and 11 December 2017 respectively. 

CP1498 was raised by Elexon on 23 November 2017.


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