CP1500: SVA Qualification requirement for Smart Meter Configuration

Formal title: Amend the BSCP537 Appendices to add a requirement for Suppliers and MOAs to demonstrate the ability to send and receive Smart Meter Configuration details

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The process by which Suppliers and Meter Operator Agents (MOAs) interact for SMETS v2.0 Meters (Smart Meter) is changing.

Under current arrangements for non-Smart Meters, MOAs:

  • Configure and reconfigure Meters on behalf of Suppliers; and
  • Inform Data Collectors (DCs) of the Meter configuration details.

Under the new arrangements for Smart Meters, Suppliers:

  • Configure and reconfigure Meters; and
  • Pass configuration details on to MOAs by sending a D0367 ‘Smart Meter Configuration Details’ data flow.

Suppliers will have a more active role in configuration and re-configuration. This means that there is a risk that D0367 data flows:

  • May not contain all of the required information;
  • May not be accurate;
  • D0367 data flows may not be sent to or received by the correct MOA.

Suppliers’ and MOAs’ Qualification (and re-Qualification for MOAs) processes do not require them to demonstrate their ability to send and receive D0367 data flows


CP1500 proposes to amend Balancing and Settlement Code Procedure (BSCP) 537 ‘Qualification process for SVA Parties, SVA Party Agents and CVA MOAs’ Appendix 1 ‘Self Assessment Document (SAD)’ and Appendix 2 ‘Testing Requirements’. The changes will include a requirement for Suppliers and MOAs to confirm that they are able to send and receive D0367 data flows correctly.

CP1500 will introduce Qualification requirements that provide assurance that Suppliers and MOAs are able to comply with the requirements of the BSC and that correct data is used for Settlement, thus reducing the Settlement risk.

The SAD requires Suppliers and MOAs to evidence the controls and procedures they have in place for sending, receiving and processing of numerous data flows. BSCP537 Appendix 2 contains the lists of data flows that have to be tested for each role. Introducing the D0367 data flow into the BSCP537 Appendices will bring them into line with other data flows that are checked as part of the Qualification and re-Qualification processes.


CP1500 Progression Paper was presented to the ISG on 16 January 2018, the PAB on 25 January 2018 and the SVG on 30 January 2018.
It was issued for CP Consultation on 5 February 2018, with responses due by 2 March 2018.

CP1500 was approved for implementation by the ISG on 20 March 2018, the SVG on 27 March 2018 and the PAB on 29 March 2018.

CP1500 will be implemented on 28 June 2018 as part of the June 2018 Release

Next Events

CP1500 will be implemented on 28 June 2018 as part of the June 2018 Release


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