CP1501: Clarification of change of Supplier process

Formal title: Correction to P302 footnote in BSCP504

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


P302 introduced footnote 47 into BSCP504, which references the CoS process; the transfer of readings between the outgoing and incoming Supplier and Non Half Hourly Data Collector (NHHDC). Footnote 47 potentially introduced a clarity issue and due to the increased roll-out and implementation of smart Meters, CP1501 seeks to make a Housekeeping Change to correct manifest errors and remove redundant text in BSCP504 sections and These amendments will avoid ambiguity in the Change of Supplier (CoS) process arrangements.


CP1501 was raised by Elexon on 19 January 2018. It was approved by the SVG at its meeting on 30 January 2018. It is set to be implemented on 28 June 2018, as part of the June 2018 Release.

Next Events

CP1501 is set to be implemented on 28 June 2018, as part of the June 2018 BSC Release.


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