CP1514: Number of register digits for smart Meters

Formal title: Number of register digits for smart Meters

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


SEC Modification SECMP0006 will make changes to the effect that the number of register digits on a smart Meter’s display will be reduced from 7 to 5, whilst the number of digits held electronically within the Meter will remain as 7 (when converted to kWh). This means that there will be a difference between the number of digits returned when a Meter is read through physical “eye ball” and remote means. The BSC does not currently provide for this scenario, and there are general obligations in BSCP504 and BSCP514 that could result in reads failing validation or being misinterpreted causing erroneous data to enter Settlement. SECMP0006 was approved and will be implemented on 30 September 2018.


CP1514 was raised on 17 December 2018. CP1514 will be presented to SVG on 8 January 2019 for information. CP1514 was approved for consultation by SVG on 8 January with responses due 1 February.

Next Events

CP1514 will be presented to SVG on 8 January 2019.


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