CP1544 ‘BSCCo Approved EFR Representative sign-off required for any EFR plan following escalation’

Formal title: ‘BSCCo Approved EFR Representative sign-off required for any EFR plan following escalation’

Following the first industry consultation, the title for CP1544 has been revised (from ‘Category A BSC Signatory or Company Director sign-off required for any EFR plan following escalation’) to better reflect the updated solution and intent of the CP.

At the direction of the Performance Assurance Board (PAB), Elexon undertook a project to review the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) established under the BSC. One of the recommendations of the PAF review project sought to increase senior level engagement with Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) plans in order that issues are resolved more quickly, thus limiting their material impact on Settlement. Specifically it was noted that many EFR plans are repeatedly escalated to the PAB where the Performance Assurance Party (PAP) has failed to meet one or more of the milestones within their EFR plan. Each time a PAP is escalated they are required to update their EFR plan and complete any actions requested by the PAB.

In order to increase the likelihood that once an EFR plan is escalated it is resolved promptly, the PAF review project recommended that a CP be raised. The CP will amend BSCP538 ‘Error and Failure Resolution’ to require sign off of the revised EFR plan by a BSCCo Approved EFR Representative within the escalated PAP prior to the updated EFR plan being approved by the BSCCo.

For the purposes of BSCP538, a ‘BSCCo Approved EFR Representative’ means a representative identified by the escalated PAP who is:

(a)        a company director or partner of the PAP, or an employee of management seniority with sufficient authority to be able to ensure delivery of the EFR plan, and

(b)        approved by the BSCCo.


Listen to our podcast about the Signatory or Sign-off required for the EFR plan following escalation.

Read the CP1544 podcast transcript

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
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