CP1552: Reflecting BSCP501 timeframes in BSCP520 processes

Formal title: Reflecting BSCP501 timeframes in BSCP520 processes

CP1552 seeks to provide clarity to market participants about the timeframes for various processes in BSCP520. 

BSCP520 ‘Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS’ does not include explicit timeframes for various Supplier obligations. The timeframe for these processes are found in BSCP501 ‘Supplier Meter Registration Service’. However, as these processes are not reflected in BSCP520, there is a risk of market participants not fully understanding the expected timescales.

This Change Proposal proposes  to reflect the existing timeframe from BSCP501 section 3.3.1 (Update of SMRS Database by Supplier) in the relevant sections of BSCP520 for Supplier obligations. Footnotes will also be added to BSCP520 and BSCP501 to create a cross-reference between the documents. This will ensure there is both clarity for market participants in the reflected timescales, and also for future changes to ensure any amendments to either BSCP501 or BSCP520 are reflected between the documentation.


Listen to a podcast from Lead Analyst, Aylin Ocak providing more background on this change proposal.


Read the CP1552 podcast transcript
Podcast published: November 2021
Podcast length: 2 min, 28 sec

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


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