CP1566 ‘Introducing the CVA Commissioning End to End Check (CEEC) process’

Formal title: Introducing the CVA Commissioning End to End Check (CEEC) process

CP1566 seeks to formalise the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Commissioning End to End Check (CEEC) process in BSCP02, BSCP20, BSCP38, CoP4 and CDCA Service Description for new and existing CVA Metering Systems.

Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Metering Systems record flows of energy for large capacity circuits, so any undetected Metering Equipment commissioning errors represent a high risk to Settlement. An instance of this error occurred in 2014, captured as Trading Dispute DA797[1], which resulted in a Settlement Error of £28.85 million.

Elexon conducted an internal lesson learned exercise and instigated an informal ‘post energisation check’ process between CVA Registrants and the Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA). This check has already demonstrated its ability to mitigate the risk of future undetected Metering Equipment commissioning errors.

This CP seeks to formalise the ‘post energisation check’ in the relevant Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) to ensure the process of detecting Metering Equipment commissioning errors, when they occur, is more robust.

The process will be renamed the Commissioning End to End Check (CEEC).

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


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