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This page shows which Modifications and Change Proposals have been identified as having no impact on BSC Parties or Party Agents. Please note that the assessment of where impacts may affect certain roles within the electricity market may be amended during the course of the Change process.

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CP1582 ‘Update BSCP520 on Change of Measurement Class to ensure UMSO send a D0388 with a zero charge code’

CP1582 was originally raised as a housekeeping Change Proposal (CP) to update BSCP520 ‘Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS’ step, as introduced erroneously by P434 ‘Half Hourly Settlement for UMS Metering Systems’], states “UMSO confirms the de-energisation date to Supplier, NHHDC and MA”’ as Non Half Hourly (NHH) Unmetered Supply (UMS) sites don’t have a Meter Administrator (MA).

Following an objection to the CP as housekeeping, and subsequent consultation period, CP1582 has been expanded to provide greater clarity and alignment with industry process for BSCP520 where a Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) event has occurred.

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P456 ‘Enable Elexon to procure ancillary Technology Services for use by BSC Agents’

Removing barriers in BSC Section E that would prevent Elexon updating BSC Agent contracts, therefore enabling BSC Agents to use Technology Services procured by Elexon. This should reduce costs for BSC Parties.

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P465 ‘Correction to P415 legal text to amend Credit Cover requirements for Virtual Trading Parties’

This Modification is required to correct an error in the approved legal drafting for P415. This Proposal will ensure that Credit Cover requirements for Virtual Trading Parties (VTPs) correctly take into account the energy volumes (‘Deviation Volumes’) that VTPs trade in wholesale markets, which was the intention of the P415 Workgroup.

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P461 ‘Accurate Reporting of Customers Delivered Volumes to Suppliers’

The details reported to Suppliers when a customer delivers a Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA) through a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) do not reflect any adjustments made to that data in Settlement. This Modification proposes to address this issue by amending the values reported to Suppliers.

P461 is currently in Report Phase Consultation. This closes at 5pm on 18 December 2023.

Elexon welcomes views from interested Parties.  

Please see the Report Phase Consultation and questions below. 

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CP1586 ‘Defining the requirements for Minimum Burden and CT ratios’

In some cases, the Current Transformer (CT) ratios for the maximum current of the circuit is not appropriately selected, even though these ratios are vital for accurate energy settlement as they ensure safe and precise current conversion, maintain metering equipment within its optimal operating range, and uphold regulatory compliance standards. CP1586 originates from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC Metering Codes of Practice’.

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P460 ‘Amend the responsibility to propose and consult on a MHHS Migration Plan’

P460 aims to change responsibility for proposing, consulting on and obtaining approval of the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Migration Plan from BSCCo to the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement Programme (MHHSP).

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P457 ‘Replace the Electricity Arbitration Association with the London Court of International Arbitration’

P457 proposes to remove the Electricity Arbitration Association (EAA) from the BSC and replace with the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) to deliver better value for money and service.

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CP1579 ‘Allowing HHDCs to undergo Protocol Approval before completing Qualification’

This Change Proposal will allow Half Hourly Data Collectors (HHDCs) and Asset Metering Half Hourly Data Collectors (AMHHDCs) to undergo Protocol Approval before or during the Qualification process.

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CP1575 ‘Permitting the use of busbar voltage transformers within metering Codes of Practice 1 and 2’

This CP seeks to implement the recommendation from the Issue 87 ‘Busbar voltage transformer (VT) metering for Offshore wind farms under OFTO arrangements’ Workgroup by updating Code of Practice 1 and Code of Practice 2 to allow busbar VTs to be used at Offshore and onshore wind farms. 

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P443 ‘To Cap NGESO Interconnector Trades’

At the current time National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) can trade at prices above the Value of Lost Load (VoLL – as defined in BSC Section T 1.12, currently set at £6,000/MWh). The Proposer’s view is that this adds to customers’ costs and sends a signal to the markets that customers are willing to buy power at any price. In a cost of living crisis the Proposer does not believe that the British public are prepared to buy energy at any price.

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