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This page shows which Modifications and Change Proposals have been identified as having no impact on BSC Parties or Party Agents. Please note that the assessment of where impacts may affect certain roles within the electricity market may be amended during the course of the Change process.

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P461 Accurate Reporting of Customers Delivered Volumes to Suppliers

The details reported to Suppliers when a customer delivers a Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA) through a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) do not reflect any adjustments made to that data in Settlement. This Modification proposes to address this issue by amending the values reported to Suppliers.


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P467 Enduring Solution in an event of a Gas Deficit Emergency (GDE)

This is a follow on Modification from Issue 105 and provides an enduring solution in an event of a Gas Deficit Emergency (GDE). 

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CP1591 New Site Visit Check Code Valid Set value

The implementation of Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) Modification DCP411 ‘Charging De-energised sites’ involves updating the J0024 data set by adding a new Enumeration Value.

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P473 Correcting inconsistencies in the P415 Legal Text

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CP1596 Define the change process for BSC Owned Interfaces in the REC’s EMAR

This CP seeks to update BSCP40 to define processes for changing EMDS items.

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P468 Enabling Elexon to support the (currently in draft) Electricity Support Payments and Levy Regulations 2024

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CP1593 New Interconnector Fuel Type Category: Greenlink

Changes are needed to the Insights Solution to ensure data relating to the new Greenlink Interconnector is provided to market participants alongside existing data relating to Settlement arrangements in the Great Britain (GB) electricity market.

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CP1592 Upgrade of NHHDA and EAC/AA systems from Oracle 12c to version 19.21

Upgrade NHHDA and EAC/AA systems to the latest available version of Oracle 19.21. 

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CP1578 Enabling Embedded LDSOs to submit Site Specific LLFs

This CP proposes updates to remove issues that may stop Embedded LDSOs from submitting Site Specific LLFs. These updates will define the process for submitting Site Specific LLFs, including establishing deadlines and requirements for the Embedded and Host LDSOs.

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P464 Housekeeping and updating BSC references to “Consumer Scotland”, “Generation Curtailment Validation Committee” and “GCVC”

This housekeeping Modification replaces references to “Citizens Advice Scotland” with “Consumer Scotland”. It also replaces any references to “Network Gas Supply Emergency Settlement Validation Committee” and “NGSESVC” to “Generation Curtailment Validation Committee” and “GCVC”. Additionally, it also corrects 5 non-material errors and inconsistencies across 5 Sections of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

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