BSC Changes impacting a SVA Meter Operator Agent


This page shows which Modifications and Change Proposals have been identified as impacting a SVA Meter Operator Agent. Please note that the assessment of where impacts may affect certain roles within the electricity market may be amended during the course of the Change process.

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P463 Introduce a Standard Change Process

To introduce a new change process – a ‘Standard Change’ process – into the BSC arrangements that would allow for certain, low risk, predictable and repeatable pre-authorised changes to be implemented without following the existing Change Proposal or Modification procedures.

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CP1598 Amending the EMDS to add missing Scenario Variants for P375

This CP seeks to update the EMDS to add missing Scenario Variants for P375. It also seeks to correct some references in the SVA Data Catalogue. 

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CP1594 Creating an Approval Process for New and Legacy Communication Types

Older metering communication types are quickly becoming redundant and are being replaced by newer communication types. Elexon are proposing to create an approvals process to allow for the managed end dating of older technologies, such as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Circuit Switched Data (CSD) and subsequently 2G.

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P432 Half Hourly Settlement for CT Advanced Metering Systems

This Modification proposes to align the BSC definition of an Advanced Meter with that in the Standard License Conditions (SLC) and to set explicit Half Hourly (HH) Settlement obligations for Current Transformer (CT) Advanced Meters ahead of the migration to Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS). 

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CP1588 Mandating Calibration Checks for Main and Check Meters

This CP proposes to provide an assurance process to confirm whether a Meter Type is still operating within the allowed accuracy limits or is drifting towards, or beyond, the extreme end of the limits. It will also define the steps to be taken where an issue is identified mitigating the risk to Settlement. CP1588 originates from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC Metering Codes of Practice’. 

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P453 Metering Dispensation process improvements and clarification to the CoPs

This Modification seeks to progress two recommendations from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC metering Codes of Practice’. The first recommendation clarifies the relevant Code of Practice (CoP) for circuits embedded behind the Boundary Point Metering System or Defined Metering Point (DMP). The second recommendation eliminates the need for Metering Dispensations when the Actual Metering Point (AMP) does not coincide with the DMP, but there is no impact on Settlement accuracy.

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P456 Enable Elexon to procure ancillary Technology Services for use by BSC Agents

Removing barriers in BSC Section E that would prevent Elexon updating BSC Agent contracts, therefore enabling BSC Agents to use Technology Services procured by Elexon. This should reduce costs for BSC Parties.

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CP1574 Improving the use of the D0215 data flow in the relevant industry processes

This CP seeks to implement the recommendation from the Issue 99 Workgroup, which involves updating Balancing and Settlement Code Procedure (BSCP) 515 ‘Licensed Distribution’ and the Retail Energy Code (REC) Meter Operator Schedule 14 documents to streamline the use of the D0215 flow in its associated processes.

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CP1575 Permitting the use of busbar voltage transformers within metering Codes of Practice 1 and 2

This CP seeks to implement the recommendation from the Issue 87 ‘Busbar voltage transformer (VT) metering for Offshore wind farms under OFTO arrangements’ Workgroup by updating Code of Practice 1 and Code of Practice 2 to allow busbar VTs to be used at Offshore and onshore wind farms. 

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CP1572 Specifying the requirements to provide SLDs for HV and EHV sites

Currently there is no requirement in the BSC to produce SLDs despite a number of BSC processes requiring one to be submitted. Without the requirement to produce SLDs being specified, some Parties have not felt incentivised to create them.

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