BSC Changes impacting a Virtual Lead Party

This page shows which Modifications and Change Proposals have been identified as impacting a Virtual Lead Party. Please note that the assessment of where impacts may affect certain roles within the electricity market may be amended during the course of the Change process.

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P407 ‘Project MARI’

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P405: Allow notices via email where currently prohibited

P405 will allow notices that the BSC currently requires to be sent by post or fax to be sent by email.

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P417 ‘Move the Letter of Credit templates and Approved Insurance Product requirements to the BSC Website’

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P413 ‘Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement Programme Manager’

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P424 ‘Re-insert correct definition of Settlement Error’

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P416 Introducing a route of appeal for the Annual Budget in line with the proposals for the Retail Energy Code

P416 seeks to amend the BSC to include an appeals mechanism that BSC Parties could use to challenge items in the Annual Budget.

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P410 ‘Changing imbalance price calculations to comply with the Imbalance Settlement Harmonisation regulations’

P410  sought to introduce changes to the imbalance price calculations to ensure BSC compliance with the European Imbalance Settlement Harmonisation regulations.

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P428 ‘Correction to P376 Legal Text’

This Modification is required to correct an error contained within the approved legal drafting for P376. This Proposal will ensure that Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs) do not need to submit the status of Metering System Identifier (MSID) pairs contained within secondary Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units that do not use the baselining methodology introduced in the P376 solution.

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P421 ‘Align BSC with Grid Code for TERRE Market Suspension’

This Modification aligns the BSC with the provisions introduced into the Grid Code under GC0144 ‘Alignment of Market Suspension Rights to the EU Emergency and Restoration Code Article 35.1(b)’.

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P415 ‘Facilitating access to wholesale markets for flexibility dispatched by Virtual Lead Parties’

P415 seeks to amend the BSC to allow Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs) to participate in the GB wholesale market. 

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