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BSC Systems Roadmap

BSC Systems roadmap (updated March 2017)

The March version of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Systems roadmap shows our latest view of the BSC change pipeline and market changes. The BSC Systems Roadmap companion document provides more information about the contents of the Roadmap diagram and what’s changed from the previous version.

In this roadmap update we have added milestones for two new market initiatives: BEIS/Ofgem’s plans for a smart, flexible energy system, and the separation of National Grid’s System Operator activities.

We have also updated the timescales for the Performance Assurance Framework review (as agreed with the BSC Panel), and for impacts on the BSC arising from European Network Codes. The main changes to harmonise inbalance settlement with Europe are now expected to be required by late 2020.

For planning purposes we are still assuming that Britain will continue to participate in the European electricity market, and so EU regulations will be relevant.

Note that this version of the BSC Roadmap was prepared before ELEXON had completed its review of the final text of the European Guideline on Electricity Balancing, approved by Member States on 16 March 2017. However, we don’t expect any significant changes to arise from the final text.

Engagement with the industry

Given the scale and scope of change that the energy industry is facing, it is important that we collaborate to manage the cross-code impacts. We believe that this roadmap is a valuable tool to help ELEXON, Code Administrators, our customers and stakeholders align their plans.

We welcome your views on this roadmap, for e.g. are there other major changes we should highlight, or other constraints on when changes can be made?

If you have any comments on this roadmap, or would like us to discuss it with you and your colleagues, then please get in touch with our Design Authority team at design.authority@elexon.co.uk.

  • About the BSC Systems roadmap

    The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Systems roadmap provides a view of market and regulatory changes that impact the BSC Systems over the next five years. It presents our best view of the likely timing and impact of major industry/regulatory developments, alongside approved or prospective BSC changes. It also shows changes arising from our management of the BSC Service, such as planned improvements and major technology upgrades.

    We use this roadmap in our business planning to ensure we deliver an efficient and effective service, in particular the BSC change service. It helps us to plan ahead for delivery of change and the content of BSC Releases, as well as recognise when a particular area of settlement is affected by multiple changes.

  • Layout of the BSC Systems roadmap

    The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Systems roadmap is a large diagram, published as a PDF, and best printed at A1 or A0 size. It is laid out as a grid, with a timeline across the top and different business areas down the side. Individual change items are shown in the grid, and provide a brief indication of a change and its impact. The symbols used are explained in the key.

    The business areas down the side are grouped into three bands. The top band shows the influence of market and regulatory changes on the BSC arrangements. The middle band expands on the impact of the business changes on the different functions of the BSC systems and processes. The bottom band shows other changes which ELEXON needs to address in its management of the BSC Systems and its service providers.