List of Change Proposal Circulars

We publish Change Proposal Circulars (CPCs) when communicating consultations for Change Proposals (amendments to BSC subsidiary documents), and in particular when requesting Impact Assessment responses to Change Proposals from Industry Participants.

Timetable for circulars

The Change Register includes a tab for the Change Proposal Impact Assessment Timetable which provides the dates that Change Proposal Circulars will be issued. It also contains information on the submission cut-off dates of changes for the relevant Releases.

BSC Change updates

Notifications are sent to industry to provide information on BSC Modifications, Change Proposals, Issues and Releases. This includes information on new Changes being raised, consultations being issued and decisions being made.

Receive the latest updates about BSC Modifications, Change Proposals, Issues and Releases by signing up to the BSC Change Circulars.

List of circulars


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