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This page lists all Change Consultations which are opened when we need to obtain feedback from the industry on potential Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. The page also includes Change consultations which have ceased to be active as they have reached their closed date.

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CP1535 Implementation Date Consultation


Consultation on bringing forward the CP1535 Implementation Date from 1 April 2021 to 3 December 2020 due to the further delay of TERRE go-live.

P375 Assessment Phase Consultation


P375 proposes using Metering Equipment ‘behind’ the defined Boundary Point for Balancing Services (‘behind the Meter’), for Settlement purposes rather than the Boundary Point Meter.

This will allow balancing-related services on-site to be separated from imbalance-related activities, more accurately reflecting the balancing-energy volumes provided by the Balancing Service Provider (BSP).

P375 arose from Issue 70 ‘Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering at the asset’.

P398 Assessment Phase Consultation


In June 2019 the Energy Data Task Force (EDTF) published its report ‘A Strategy for a Modern Digitalised Energy System’. One of its recommendations was that the energy sector should ‘adopt the principle that Energy System Data should be Presumed Open’. The EDTF report recommends that BEIS and/or Ofgem should use legislative and regulatory powers to achieve this recommendation.

The BSC does not fully adhere to open data principles however, by taking action now, we can remain at the forefront of industry development and will be able to create the precedence for industry to follow/emulate.

P398 proposes amending the BSC so that all data is assumed open unless there is a reason otherwise. The Panel (or delegated Sub-Committee) will determine if there is any reason not to make data available. This will be done based on a transparent process of triage and categorisation. In the longer term, we will look at an IT solution to make accessing BSC data even easier than having to make a formal request for release/publication.

P399 – Assessment Procedure Consultation


P399 seeks to include additional information in the Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) to identify the assets involved in bilateral trades.

Currently, each Balancing Adjustment Action taken outside the Balancing Mechanism is reported with a unique sequential number. The Proposer contends that this does not identify the counterparty to the bilateral trade and creates an information advantage to those counterparties, reducing transparency in the operation of the system creating a barrier to effective competition.

P397 Report Phase Consultation v2.0


P397 seeks to introduce a mechanism through which the Balancing and Settlement Code Company (BSCCo) determines whether Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs), the National Electricicty Transmission System Operator (NETSO), certain Party Agents and BSC Agents, and BSCCo should carry out the Settlement Adjustment Processes following a DCE. BSCCo would determine the nature of the DCE and, where necessary, determine and compare the costs and value of the DCE in order to determine whether the value of carrying out the Settlement Adjustment Processes outweigh the costs.

P411 Report Phase Consultation


P411 aims to improve the effectiveness of the Qualification Performance Assurance Technique (PAT) by requiring new Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs) to undergo Qualification in this role. This will provide assurance to industry participants that new LDSOs are able to fully execute their BSC Role and obligations when active in the market.

P408 Report Phase Consultation


P408 will modify Section Q of the BSC to reflect the Grid Code changes required from Grid Code (GC) Modification GC0130 ‘OC2 Change for simplifying ‘output useable’ data submission and utilising REMIT data’. This Modification will remove the obligations on National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) to publish data that is no longer mandated to be published by the Grid Code and add obligations to publish the new data. It will also simplify the obligations around the existing data.

P406 Report Phase Consultation


In order to support Suppliers through the COVID-19 pandemic, P406 seeks to set SP08a, SP08b, SP08c and SP04 Serials to £0 for all Suppliers from the March 2020 PARMS reporting period, until further notice.

Supplier Charges are to be reinstated by the BSC Panel after a period of suspension following any changes to Government guidelines and restrictions, and a three month notice period will be provided.

At its meeting on Thursday 9 April 2020, the BSC Panel requested that Ofgem treat P406 as Urgent in order that the solution (subject to subsequent approval) can capture the March 2020 Supplier Charges period, the first period impacted by COVID-19.

P405 Report Phase Consultation


P405 will allow notices that the BSC currently requires to be sent by post or fax to be sent by email. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not currently practical to use post or fax. More generally, it is now accepted and more efficient to send notices via email.

P390 Report Phase Consultation


The BSC restricts the activities of Elexon and in the absence of a specific Modification any additional activities cannot be pursued by Elexon (even when those activities would be of benefit to BSC Parties, industry generally and/or the consumer). 

In the past specific Modifications have been necessary which have enabled Elexon to provide the Warm Homes Discount Reconciliation service, EMR settlement, and to participate in gas performance assurance framework and REC manager appointment processes.

Such individual Modifications to extend Elexon’s vires are time consuming and can be an unnecessary distraction for industry. They can also result in Elexon being unable to pursue an opportunity within a required timeframe.

P390 seeks to introduce a framework into the BSC that allows the Elexon Board to determine whether Elexon can undertake additional activities provided certain conditions are met and with consent of the Authority

All of the conditions introduced in previous Modifications to Elexon’s vires, P330 ‘Allowing Elexon to tender for the Uniform Network Code Gas Performance Assurance Framework Administrator (PAFA) role’ and P365 ‘Enabling Elexon to tender for the Retail Energy Code (REC)’ are included, plus some additional conditions to safeguard the interests of BSC Parties.

Following closure of the Report Phase Consultation on 29 April, the Draft Modification Report will be presented to the BSC Panel on 14 May 2020.


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