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The page also includes Change Consultations which have ceased to be active as they have reached their closed date.

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View P268 Assessment Phase Consultation

P268 Assessment Phase Consultation

This is an Assessment Phase Consultation for P268 ‘Clarify the P/C status process for exempt BM Units’.

View P270 Report Phase Consultation

P270 Report Phase Consultation

This is a Report Phase consultation for P270 ‘The Application of Line Loss Factors to GSPs that are not Transmission-interconnected’.

View P269 Report Phase Consultation

P269 Report Phase Consultation

Modification P269 ‘Prevention of Base Trading Unit BMUs’ Account Status Flipping from Consumption to Production (the “Flipping” mod)’ is issued for Report Phase Consultation.

View P268 Report Phase Consultation

P268 Report Phase Consultation

This is the Report Phase consultation for Modification P268 ‘Clarify the P/C status process for exempt BM Units’

View P272 Impact Assessment

P272 Impact Assessment

P272 ‘Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8’ is in the Assessment Procedure Phase and the Modification Workgroup invites you to respond to this impact assessment.


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