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This page lists all Change Consultations which are opened when we need to obtain feedback from the industry on potential Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. The page also includes Change consultations which have ceased to be active as they have reached their closed date.

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P315 Assessment Procedure Consultation v3.0


P315 proposes to give industry participants and potential new entrants more equal access to basic market share information. It proposes to increase transparency of Metered Volumes and MPAN counts for Suppliers that have a market share above the defined reporting threshold, make market level consumption information available to a wider range of market participants. In addition, the Alternative Modification would make available some historical GSP Group consumption totals information and some Supplier-specific information in an aggregated form.

CP1434 Request for Information


This Request for Information seeks further information on CP1434 ‘Amend the three digit numeric Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) Id to an Alphanumeric LLFC Id’ and two potential alternative solutions.

It seeks information from Distribution System Operators (DSOs) on when and why they will run out of LLFCs and the consequences of this happening, and high-level information from all participants on the impacts, costs and lead times of two alternative solution options.

This information will assist the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) in making its determination on CP1434.

P315 Assessment Procedure Consultation v2.0


P315 was issued for industry consultation on 9 February 2015. The Workgroup subsequently developed its proposed and alternative solutions taking into account of the responses received from the previous industry consultation. This second consultation seeks market participants’ views on the P315 proposed and alternative solutions to inform the Workgroup’s further assessment of P315.


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