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These pages list all Modifications issued since 2001. Modifications are raised to introduce changes that would alter any part of the BSC or any Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) or BSC Systems impacted by the proposed changes.

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P472 ‘Amendment to provisions for Parties to bring claims against BSC Agents in BSC Section E’

This Modification proposes to amend BSC Section E to remove the requirement for Parties to be able to bring claims against BSC Agents. An industry Workgroup will be formed to consider what other measures (if any) might be appropriate to mitigate the impact of this on Parties.

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P471 ‘Amendment to BSC Section E to allow more flexibility in procurement of BSC Agents’

To allow more flexibility in the requirements for procurement of BSC Agents, to allow the option of having these systems operated by the service provider who developed them (at least for the duration of the transition period), while the currently-appointed Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) continues to operate legacy processes.

If you are interested in joining the P471 Workgroup, please sign up via the Modification and Issue Workgroup sign-up webpage.

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P470 ‘Protecting the Imbalance Price from IOLC related distortions’

P470 seeks to reprice Offer prices in the Imbalance Settlement Price calculation where those Offers were impacted by price restrictions introduced by the Inflexible Offers Licence Condition (IOLC).

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P469 ‘Credit Default Refusal and Rejection Period’

P469 proposal seeks to delay the Credit Default Refusal and Rejection Periods. This change would give parties a two-hour window from the Level 2 Credit Default notification until the time when any Energy Contract Volume Notifications (ECVN) related to a defaulting party are rejected.

To implement the proposed Solution, this Modification aims to change BSC Section M, 3.3.3 a (i) and (ii).

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P468 ‘Enabling Elexon to support the (currently in draft) Electricity Support Payments and Levy Regulations 2024’

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P467 ‘Enduring Solution in an event of a Gas Deficit Emergency (GDE)’

This is a follow on Modification from Issue 105 and provides an enduring solution in an event of a Gas Deficit Emergency (GDE). 

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P466 ‘BSC Section N Modernisation’

This Modification seeks to update BSC Section N ‘Clearing Invoicing and Payment’ to support the effective running of the Funds Administration Agent (FAA). The Modification will align the BSC with Elexon’s updated financial systems and modern banking practices to increase the efficiency of service provided to industry.

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P465 ‘Correction to P415 legal text to amend Credit Cover requirements for Virtual Trading Parties’

This Modification is required to correct an error in the approved legal drafting for P415. This Proposal will ensure that Credit Cover requirements for Virtual Trading Parties (VTPs) correctly take into account the energy volumes (‘Deviation Volumes’) that VTPs trade in wholesale markets, which was the intention of the P415 Workgroup.

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P464: ‘Housekeeping and updating BSC references to “Consumer Scotland”, “Generation Curtailment Validation Committee” and “GCVC”’

This housekeeping Modification replaces references to “Citizens Advice Scotland” with “Consumer Scotland”. It also replaces any references to “Network Gas Supply Emergency Settlement Validation Committee” and “NGSESVC” to “Generation Curtailment Validation Committee” and “GCVC”. Additionally, it also corrects 5 non-material errors and inconsistencies across 5 Sections of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

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P463 ‘Introduce a Standard Change Process’

To introduce a new change process – a ‘Standard Change’ process – into the BSC arrangements that would allow for certain, low risk, predictable and repeatable pre-authorised changes to be implemented without following the existing Change Proposal or Modification procedures.

If you are interested in joining the P463 Workgroup, please sign up via the Modification and Issue Workgroup sign-up webpage.

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