List of all BSC Modifications

These pages list all Modifications issued since 2010. Modification are raised to introduce changes that would alter any part of the BSC or any CSDs or BSC Systems impacted by the proposed changes.

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Improving the efficacy and efficiency of the Section H Default provisions
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P384 'The publication of European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EB GL) balancing data by BMRS'
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Enhanced reporting of demand data to the NETSO to facilitate CUSC Modifications CMP280 and CMP281
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The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) contains multiple references to European Union (EU) legislation and bodies. Additionally, it also contains text introduced as a result of implementing various EU legislation. Retaining these references and text following the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) withdrawal from the EU without a deal (‘no-deal Brexit’) will mean that the BSC is no longer technically accurate but will remain operable because of the European Union Withdrawal Act 2018.

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P381 'Removal of Quarterly Reports'
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Modifying the P344 wording of BSC Section Q ‘Balancing Services Activities’ to ensure National Grid ESO’s continued compliance with the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) and the Replacement Reserve Implementation Framework (RRIF).

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Enabling consumers to buy and sell electricity from/to multiple providers through Meter Splitting
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Introduction of a CM Supplier Interim Charge
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Amending Gate Closure references in Market Index Data to include trades up to the Submission Deadline in the Market Index Data Calculations
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Utilising a Baselining Methodology to set Physical Notifications for Settlement of Applicable Balancing Services
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