List of all BSC Modifications

These pages list all Modifications issued since 2010. Modification are raised to introduce changes that would alter any part of the BSC or any CSDs or BSC Systems impacted by the proposed changes.

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P394 ‘Removal of Unused BSC Provisions’

Removal of Unused BSC Provisions
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P393 ‘Disapplication of Supplier Charge SP01’

Disapplication of Supplier Charge SP01
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P392 Amending BSC Change Process for EBGL Article 18

This Modification will ensure the process and responsibilities for amending BSC provisions constituting EBGL Article 18 terms and conditions reflect delegations made by NGESO in favor of the BSCCo and BSC Panel, to ensure a unified market change process.

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P391 ‘Introducing Desktop Audits’

Introducing Desktop Audits
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P390 ‘Allowing extensions to Elexon’s business and activities, subject to additional conditions’

P390 seeks to introduce a framework into the BSC that allows the Elexon Board to determine whether Elexon can undertake additional activities provided certain conditions are met, and with the consent of the Authority.

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P389 Resolution of Capacity Market and Balancing Mechanism registration conflicts

P389 will delete BSC Section K paragraph 3.1.8(b) in order to remove conflict between the BSC and Capacity Market rules

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P388 ‘Aligning the P344 and P354 Solutions’

'Aligning the P344 and P354 Solutions'
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P387 ‘Allowing email communications for the BSC Panel Elections process’

This Modification Proposal aims to amend the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Panel Elections process to allow communications between parties via email. Other communication methods could be approved by the BSC Panel on a case-by-case basis.

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P386 Corrections to P344 legal text

Corrections and clarifications to the P344 ‘Project TERRE’ legal text
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P385 ‘Improving the efficacy and efficiency of the Section H Default provisions’

Improving the efficacy and efficiency of the Section H Default provisions
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