List of all BSC Modifications

These pages list all Modifications issued since 2010. Modification are raised to introduce changes that would alter any part of the BSC or any CSDs or BSC Systems impacted by the proposed changes.

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P364: Clarifying requirements for registering and maintaining BM Units

P364 will clarify the requirements for configuring and registering Plant and Apparatus in Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units. Specifically where Parties seek to share responsibility for Imports and Export from the same Plant and Apparatus or via the same Boundary Point. It will also clarify the circumstances and requirements for maintaining BM Unit registration details and seeking to re-register BM Units when the configuration of Plant and Apparatus change.

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P363: simplifying registration of new configurations of BM Units

Simplifying the registration of new configurations of BM Units
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P362: Electricity market sandbox

Introducing BSC arrangements to facilitate an electricity market sandbox
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Revised treatment of BSC Charges for Lead Parties of Interconnector BM Units
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Making the BSC’s imbalance price compliant with the European Balancing Guideline
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P359 ‘Mechanised process for GC/DC declarations’

Mechanised process for GC/DC declarations
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Roll over of BSC Seasonal GCDC
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Removal of GC/DC tolerance parameters from BSC Section K
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Aligning the BSC with Grid Code Modification GC0099 'Establishing a common approach to interconnector scheduling consistent with the single intraday market coupling processes set out within Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 (CACM)'
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Introduction of a BM Lite Balancing Mechanism
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Use of ABSVD for non-BM Balancing Services at the metered (MPAN) level
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Align Section B with the intent of P324
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Housekeeping changes to BSC Section M
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Align the BSC with changes to the SCR requirements
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P350: Zonal Transmission Losses

Introduction of a seasonal Zonal Transmission Losses scheme
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Facilitating Embedded Generation Triad Avoidance Standstill
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Provision of gross BM Unit data for TNUoS charging
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Reduction in R1 Read Requirement for Half Hourly Sites
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Changes to the BSC Specified Charges to facilitate Elective HH settlement
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Reducing the CAP change notice period and improving its flexibility
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