Potential BSC changes awaiting initial consideration


The BSC Change information on this page lists potential BSC Changes (Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues) that we believe will or may need to be raised.  

Included in the report

  • Are consequential changes needed as a result of another code change
  • Are changes we are developing on behalf of a BSC Committee or Issue Group
  • Are changes that have been brought forward by a participant and with whom we are supporting and playing critical friend to get it ready to raise

Considerations when viewing this report

  • An item appearing on the report is not a commitment to raise a Modification, Change Proposal or an Issue
  • The change type is only the expected progression route and is subject to change – the BSC Panel or appropriate Panel Subcommittees are responsible for determining the progression routes for BSC changes
  • Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues may be raised that have not previously been included on this list

Report key

Change Type


Mod – DTRP

Modification Direct to Report Phase – No Workgroup

Mod – AP

Modification assessed by a Workgroup (Assessment Procedure)


Change Proposal (subsidiary documents only)


Authority Led SCR Modification or direction from Secretary of State

About the Change Process


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