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Issue 90

Could Elexon (under BSCco) administrate a tendered Market Maker (tMM)?
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Issue 89

Ensuring Demand Control Event (DCE) procedures remain fit for purpose
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Issue 88

'Clarification of BSC Arrangements relating to Complex Sites'
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Issue 87

Busbar voltage transformer metering for Offshore wind farms under OFTO arrangements
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Issue 86

Issue 86 will review several processes relating to switching, Change of Supplier and Change of Agent. It will be of interest to Data Aggregators (DAs), Data Collectors (DCs), Meter Operator Agents (MOAs) and Suppliers.

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Issue 85

Removal of obligation to visit de-energised sites once every 12 months from BSCP504
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Issue 84

Enable the cost recovery of the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) arrangements extension
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Issue 83

Ensuring that the Buy Price Price Adjustment reflects all additional balancing costs incurred by NGESO
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Issue 82

Expand the BSC Panel’s ability to raise Modification Proposals
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Issue 81

Determining the benefits of Run-up/Run-down rates and Last Time to Cancel Synchronisation (LTCS) publication on BMRS
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