Code Change and Development Group consultation on MHH Settlement

This CCDG consultation is your chance to have your say on the essential data items, processes and Code changes needed to deliver the MHH Settlement Target Operating Model (TOM). You can find out what the consultation is about, watch a guidance video about the consultation and download the relevant documents to complete. 


Who will this impact?

The switch over to MHH Settlement will require major changes to the BSC, as well as other electricity codes. In Q4 2019, Ofgem:

  • gave its preliminary approval to the MHH Settlement TOM developed by the Elexon-led Design Working Group (DWG); and
  • established the Elexon-led Code Change and Development Group (CCDG) to develop the lower-level detail of the DWG’s TOM design.

The primary impacts of MHH Settlement will be on Suppliers, Supplier Agents and Distributors.

Key changes covered

The key changes covered in this consultation are:

  • TOM requirements for the BSC, covering central Settlement and all market participants
  • a new Smart Energy Code (SEC) User role to access the Half Hourly Settlement data from the Smart Meter
  • Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) changes for Unmetered Supplies
  • changes to data items and processes (including registration data) under the BSC and Retail Energy Code (REC).

Summary video

Our summary video presented by Justin Andrews, Head of Design Authority at Elexon, explains the role of the CCDG and the purpose of the new consultation.

Focus of the consultation

The CCDG’s consultation:

  • sets out how it has developed the lower-level detail on specific outstanding areas of the DWG’s TOM design.
  • outlines new data items/processes and explains why some data items will no longer be required.
  • covers remaining outstanding areas and dependencies on other industry change.
  • includes matrices that set out the sections of each Industry Code that need amending, the nature of the changes required and any dependencies on other areas of change.
  • gives an assessment of the detailed design against Ofgem’s Design and Development Principles for the TOM.


The deadline has now passed.


A webinar that discussed the aims of the consultation in more detail took place on Wednesday 13 January 2021. This webinar is now available on the MHH Settlement hub page.

Supporting documents

  • Attachment 1 – MHH Settlement Code Change matrices
  • Attachment 2 – CCDG Appointments diagram
  • Consultation response form

Consultation supporting documents



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