Consultation for a generic Metering Dispensation based on D/534

Seagreen Wind Energy Limited (SWEL) has applied for a site specific Metering Dispensation for a solution to the issue of metering its Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) supplies on its Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm. SWEL would be happy for it to be generic, as long as this does not introduce any delay.

We are seeking views on whether D/534 could be made generic instead of site specific, and whether it could be adapted to be more generic by including the various solutions under D/461 and D/474 and these Metering Dispensations end dated.

Outcome (11 January)

The SVG and ISG approved D/534 as we recommended subject to the condition that the Direct Current (DC) metering solution is not used for measuring DC supplies to customers for billing purposes. We have updated the Statement of Generic Metering Dispensations to reflect their decisions. You can find more details about the consolidated solution to metering LVDC supplies on Offshore Wind Farms on the statement.


Who will this impact?

The solution is similar to an existing generic Metering Dispensation, D/461, which uses a specific DC Meter and variant, specific Hall Effect transducers (and ratio, 100A/4-20mA) or current shunts, and a specific compliant and Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA) protocol approved Outstation (the Elster A1700).

SWEL’s solution uses a different variant of the same Direct Current (DC) Meter type (a communicating version), the same Hall Effect transducer and ratio (100A/4-20mA) but also allows for any CoP5 compliant and CDCA protocol approved Outstation to be used.

Another generic Metering Dispensation, D/474, expands on D/461 by offering the use of the same Hall Effect transducers but adding additional ratios (20A/4-20mA, 50A/4-20mA and 200A/4-20mA).

We will present Industry views to the SVG in January 2022 for consideration along with all the applicants’ views and the views from the Metering Dispensation Review Group (MDRG) and National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO).

Consultation questions

Q. Do you agree that D/534 should or could be a generic Metering Dispensation rather that a Site Specific Metering Dispensation?

Q. Do you agree that D/534 should or could be amended (if the applicant agrees to it) to capture the solutions already covered by D/461 and D/474, and then end-date them (with their applicants’ agreement)?

How can I respond?

We invite you to respond to this Generic Metering Dispensation Consultation to provide your views on the questions in the Consultation.

Please complete the proforma shown below and send your response to [email protected] by 5.00pm on Wednesday 29 December 2021.

Further information

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this generic Metering Dispensation application further, please contact Mike Smith on 020 7380 4033 or email [email protected].


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