Consultation for Allocation of a New Grid Supply Point (GSP) to a GSP Group


Who will this impact?

Section K1.8 of the Code states that the Panel may consider revising the GSPs comprised in a Group of GSPs (including the establishment of a Group of GSPs):

  • Where a new GSP Point is commissioned or an existing GSP Point is decommissioned; or
  • Where the Panel consider it appropriate to do so.

As part of a 132kV Switchgear change at Walpole S/S, National Grid and the affected LDSOs are taking the opportunity to regularise the connection arrangement whereby supplies to two LDSO Networks are currently the subject of a difference metering scheme. (Metering Dispensation D:106).  This involves the registration of a ‘new’ GSPs, and the eventual de-registration of existing Distribution System Connection Point II_WALPB1.

Appendix A shows the ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios.

The Transmission Company propose that GSP WALP_B is allocated to the East Midlands (_B) GSP Group.


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