Consultation for Allocation of a number of New Grid Supply Points (GSPs) to GSP Groups


Who will this impact?

Elexon has received applications from the Transmission Company for new GSPs at Berryburn (GSP_BERB), Fetteresso (GSP_FETT), St Asaph (GSP_SASA), Stoke Bardolph (GSP_SBAR) and Tynemouth (GSP_TYNE).

The Transmission Company Proposed that these are allocated to the following GSP Groups: North Scotland (_P) GSP Group for GSP_BERB and  GSP_FETT; SP MANWEB (_D) GSP Group  for GSP_SASA-; East Midlands (_B) GSP Group for GSP_SBAR-; and North Eastern (_F) GSP Group for GSP_TYNE.

If you have any views on the allocation of these GSPs to GSP Groups, please respond using the consultation response form and send to [email protected] by 5pm on Thursday 15 August 2013. You can use the response form to respond to any of the applications.


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