Consultation for Allocation of a New Grid Supply Point (GSP) to a GSP Group – 23 January 2020


Who will this impact?

The Tongland 132kV substation currently feeds the _N GSP Group via two circuits with 132/11kV transformers, which form the existing GSP, GSP_TONG. The existing GSP is at the 11kV substation.

Scottish Power Energy Network (SPEN) is connecting two new circuits into the Tongland 132kV substation. The two new circuits will be connected via 132/33kV transformers to a 33kV substation.  The new circuits at the 33kV substation will be registered as a new GSP, to be known as Tongland_1, GSP_TONG1.

The National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO) propose that GSP_TONG1 is allocated to the South of Scotland (_N) GSP Group.


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