Consultation for Allocation of a New Grid Supply Point (GSP) to a GSP Group – February 2021


Who will this impact?

As part of a 132kV Switchgear change at Barking Central Substation, the National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO) and the affected Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO) (UK Power Networks) are taking the opportunity to regularise the connection arrangement where supplies to two LDSO Networks (UK Power Networks (Eastern Power Networks) (EASTELEC) and UK Power Networks (London Power Networks) (LPN)) are currently the subject of a difference metering scheme.

This involves the registration of two ‘new’ GSPs to be known as BARKR_A for EASTELEC, and BARKR_C for LPN, and the eventual de-registration of the existing Grid Supply Point (GSP) BARKC1 registered to LPN and the Distribution System Connection Point (DSCP) BARKC_A registered to EASTELEC.

If you have any views on the allocation of the GSPs as described above, please respond using the consultation response form, and send to the BM unit team by 17:00 on 1 March 2021.


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