Consultation for Allocation of a new Grid Supply Point at Axminster

ELEXON has received a new GSP registration application from the National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO) relating to two new circuits at Axminster. BSC Parties are invited to respond to this consultation using the proforma available.


Who will this impact?

Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) is connecting two new circuits at Axminster.

This new Systems Connection Point will be registered in Settlement as a new GSP, to be known as Axminster _H GSP (AXMI_H).

The NETSO proposes that GSP AXMI_H is allocated to the Southern (_H) GSP Group.

More information

For any further information please contact Katie Wilkinson at [email protected].

How to respond

If you have any views on the allocation of the above GSP to the Southern GSP Group, please respond using the consultation response form, and send to [email protected].

Your response should be titled ‘Axminster_H GSP Registration’.

Deadline for responses

17:00 on 27 April 2022


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