Metering Dispensation consultation on re-calibration of Meters registered to CoPs 3 and 5

We are seeking views from BSC Parties on whether they support the proposed Metering Dispensation (D/536) raised as part of Issue 97 and relating to Meter shortage risk driven by global materials availability and supply chain challenges.

Outcome (11 January)

The ISG (Imbalance Settlement Group) and SVG (Supplier Volume Allocation Group) have approved Metering Dispensations D/535 and D/536.


Who will this impact?

Due to a global shortage of materials and the on-going impacts of COVID-19 on global supply chains, there is a shortage of semi-conductors among other crucial components, which impacts the ability of Meter manufacturers to produce Meters. 

This is impacting on the availability of various types of electricity Meters including those required for Settlement under the BSC. This shortage of Settlement Meters could impact on a number of BSC processes. This issue is also impacting the availability of Current Transformer (CT) Metering, which has the highest potential for material impact (due to usually being installed at higher consumption/higher voltage sites).

One of the mitigation options recommended by the Issue 97 group was to raise a temporary Metering Dispensation from the requirement to periodically calibrate Meters when they have been in situ for a certain amount of time.

CoP4 Appendix A sets out the maximum period for which Meters can be installed without re-calibration by CoP. Allowing MOAs to leave Meters installed without the need for re-calibration will help alleviate the pressures currently faced with attempting to replace Meters under the current Meter shortage conditions as most MOAs replace the Meter before the maximum period for re-calibration is reached (particularly for CoP3 and CoP5 Metering Systems).

The Metering Dispensation is proposed for a period of 18 months from the date of approval.

This Metering Dispensation is proposed to only apply to re-calibration of Meters registered against CoPs 3 and 5.

The Issue 97 group felt that the benefits achieved by granting a temporary derogation from the requirement to re-calibrate did not outweigh the risks of Meters drifting outside of the accuracy limits prescribed in the relevant CoP where Meters were registered against CoPs 1 or 2.

Consultation questions

Q. Do you agree that the proposed Metering Dispensation D/536 should be granted on a temporary basis for a period of 18 months
Q. Please provide your reasoning for the answer given in question 1 of this consultation

How to respond

Please complete the proforma shown below and send your response to [email protected] by 17:00 on Wednesday 5 January 2022.


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