Credit Assessment Price Consultation 9 August 2021

We have issued a consultation paper on the value of the Credit Assessment Price (CAP). We are consulting on an increase of the CAP to £113/MWh from the current value of £96/MWh. 

This consultation has now closed. See the outcome of the consultation.


Who will this impact?

A trigger event has occurred, meaning that the absolute difference between the CAP and the reference price is greater than the current trigger level of +/- £10/MWh. As a result, a consultation on a new CAP value has commenced.

Relevant dates

The consultation period will end at 17:00 on Tuesday 17 August 2021.

If required, the Credit Committee will meet shortly thereafter to determine if a new CAP value should apply.

If the Credit Committee does not meet, the proposed CAP value will be implemented on Wednesday 8 September 2021.

If at least one respondent or Credit Committee member requests it or disagrees with the proposed value, Elexon will arrange a Credit Committee meeting. The Credit Committee will determine if a change needs to be made to the value of the CAP, the trigger level and when any new value should be implemented.

How do I respond?

BSC Parties are invited to respond to this consultation using the proforma available on this Consultations page of the Elexon website.

Please return responses to [email protected] by 17:00 on Tuesday 17 August 2021.


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