Elexon’s response to Ofgem’s MHHS Draft Impact Assessment


Who will this impact?

In our response, we:

  • Note our delight that Ofgem has recognised Elexon’s work by giving its preliminary approval to the DWG’s recommended TOM and transition approach in October 2019 and by proposing, through this consultation, to implement MHHS on the basis recommended by the DWG;
  • Agree with Ofgem’s proposals to implement MHHS for both import and export at the same time;
  • Agree with Ofgem’s proposal to require daily granularity of data for Smart Meter customers who opt out of sharing their Half Hourly (HH) data for Settlement purposes;
  • Agree that there could be benefit in a centrally-hosted website to educate consumers on the implications of their data-sharing choices, although we have some reservations and offer some comments on this idea;
  • Include comments, questions and suggestions about recording consumer data-sharing choices and providing third-party access to Settlement data for non-Settlement purposes;
  • Provide a number of comments on the detail of Ofgem’s draft Impact Assessment as it relates to the TOM; and
  • Explain our belief that Elexon is best placed to take on the programme management role set out in Ofgem’s consultation.


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