Issue 89 Request for Information


Who will this impact?

The BSC Panel has asked Elexon to provide analysis on the cost and effort related to the DCE that occurred on 9 August 2019 (DCE00201). We are looking specifically at those costs incurred by parties, both direct and indirect, associated with the SAP that are required to be carried out to ensure Settlement is accurately calculated for the Settlement Periods impacted by the DCE. This analysis is being carried out for Issue 89 and P397.

The provision of this information is critical to meet the aim of Issue 89, to ensure the SAP is fit for purpose, and the aim for P397, to only run the SAP when the benefits outweigh the costs. Moreover, the provision of this information is needed to meet the Ofgem request in relation to P397. Your help and support in this matter is appreciated.


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