P363 and P364 Assessment Consultation


Following ELEXON’s review of Metering Dispensation the decision was made to raise two separate Modifications, P363 ‘Simplifying the registration of new configurations of BM Units’ and P364 ‘Clarifying requirements for registering and maintaining BM Units’, to address the issues that were found. Separate Modifications were proposed to address the two different defects at hand. It was thought that by keeping the Modifications separate we avoid the possibility of them being dependent on each other when it comes to approval and/or rejection. 

The combined P363/4 Workgroup identified a single solution that will remedy both the P363 and P364 defects. The proposed solution for P363/4 has four elements:

  • Expand BSC Section K ‘Classification and registration of Metering Systems and BM units’ Section 3 criteria for those BM Unit configurations that are deemed to meet the conditions to be registered as a Standard BM Unit;
  • Lay down new criteria for what is considered to be a Standard BM Unit;
  • Change the BSC so that an application to register BM Units must either meet the configuration criteria (bullet one above) or align with the new list of registration criteria (bullet two above) to be considered as a Standard BM Unit; and
  • Removing the need to apply for a Non-Standard BM Unit where the configuration is Standard but there is more than one Party involved.


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