P371 Assessment Procedure Consultation


Who will this impact?

The Proposer contends that there is no reason for a different treatment of Reserve products and Non BM Fast Reserve should have been captured already in the calculation of the Imbalance Price via the BSAD and via the Reserve Scarcity Price (RSP) methodology.  This Modification is about Non BM Fast Reserve, however, the implementation of this Modification will remove any potential ambiguity and make it clear to the Electricity System Operator, when developing future Balancing Services and associated systems that all Actions should flow through into the Imbalance Price calculation.

P371 seeks to include the price of Non-Balancing Mechanism (BM) Fast Reserve actions into the calculation of the Imbalance Price. The aim is to correct the calculation of the Imbalance Price; guarantee fair and harmonised treatment of all services which cost should be included; provide greater transparency and, ultimately, ensure National Grid’s compliance with the Balancing Services Adjustment Data Methodology Statement (BSAD).

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