P399 – Report Phase Consultation v2.0


Who will this impact?

We are re-issuing P399 for Report Phase Consultation as new material information in relation to the solution was provided in the first Report Phase Consultation. The ESO response identified that the cost for including the ‘tendered status’ filed will now cost an additional £350k-500k. The Workgroup have decided to keep the tendered status in the solution, but in light of this material increase in cost are re-issuing P399 for consultation.

Following the introduction of P392 ‘Amending BSC Change Process for EBGL Article 18’ in June 2020, all BSC Modifications must now consider the impact on the EBGL Article 18 terms and conditions for balancing. This requires that the Workgroup is reconvened, where there have been any representations that may require the Modification Proposal to be amended. The Workgroup must then decide whether to amend, or not, the solution and where it is amended re-consult. 


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