P432 Assessment Procedure Consultation

This Modification proposes to align the BSC definition of an Advanced Meter with that in the Standard License Conditions (SLC) and to set explicit Half Hourly (HH) Settlement obligations for Current Transformer (CT) Advanced Meters ahead of the migration to Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS). 


Who will this impact?

Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) requires that all Metering System Identifiers (MSIDs) are settled on a Half Hourly (HH) basis and moved to the MHHS Target Operating Model. The Code Change and Development Group (CCDG) has recommended moving Current Transformer (CT) Advanced Meters to settle HH by October 2023 in its consultation on the Transition Approach for MHHS. If this recommendation is not implemented the risk is that there will be insufficient time for Customers, Suppliers and their Agents to address issues that may arise will be increased, especially against the backdrop of the larger MHHS migration activities that will be needed for smart Meters.

  • Inconsistent definitions of Advanced meter in the BSC versus Electricity Supply Standard Licence Conditions; and
  • The risk of not meeting MHHS Transition Timetable leading to Settlement errors.

P432 seeks to align the BSC definition of an Advanced Meter with that in the SLC and to set explicit HH Settlement obligations for CT Advanced Meters ahead of the migration to MHHS. Existing CT Advanced Meters settling NHH are expected to migrate using the Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) process to settle HH by October 2023 and all new connections for CT Advanced Meters will be expected to settle HH from October 2022. Any opt-out/in rights for customers under the SLC are reflected in the P432 solution.

How to respond

You can respond to this consultation online.

Elexon are trialling the use of an online consultation for P432, responding to customer feedback and exploring the effectiveness of using digital forms for BSC Modifications. The digital form contains the specific questions on which the Workgroup seeks your views. Please use the form to provide your response to these questions, and to record any further views or comments you wish the Workgroup to consider.

If you wish to save and return to your response, or share your response with a colleague before submitting then use the save and return button at the bottom of the form. You will then be given a link with your draft response that you can return to or share before submission.

Upon submission, respondents will receive a copy of their response to the consultation. 

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or issues using the digital form.

The deadline for responses is 22 April 2022.

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