P469 Assessment Procedure Consultation on Credit Default ECVNs Refusal and Rejection Periods

P469 seeks to delay the start of the Credit Default Refusal Period and Credit Default Rejection Period for Energy Contract Volume Notifications (ECVNs) and Metered Volume Reallocation Notifications (MVRNs) where acceptance of said ECVNs and MVRNs would increase a BSC Party’s Energy Indebtedness.

This Assessment Procedure Consultation was issued on 14 June 2024 and will close at 5 pm on Friday 28 June 2024.



The P469 Assessment Procedure Consultation has received two responses, agreeing with the Workgroup’s initial views.

Original consultation

Who will this impact?

This Modification is expected to impact:

  • All Parties with an Energy Account
  • Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA)

What is proposed?

This Modification follows on from discussions held as part of Issue 106 ‘Review of BSC Credit Cover Arrangements’, which made a recommendation that a Modification be raised to modify the Credit Default process by delaying the start of the Credit Default Rejection Period and the start of the Credit Default Refusal Period for any ECVNs and/or MVRNs submitted after a Party has entered authorised Level 2 Default, where such ECVNs and/or MVRNs would increase the Party’s Energy Indebtedness.

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