P473 Correcting inconsistencies in the P415 Legal Text

Modification P415 ‘Facilitating access to Wholesale Markets for flexibility dispatched by Virtual Lead Parties’ seeks to allow independent aggregators to sell customers’ flexibility into Wholesale Markets. Independent aggregators wishing to do this will be required to accede to the BSC in the new role of Virtual Trading Party (VTP). Ofgem has approved this Modification for implementation on 7 November 2024 as part of the standard November 2024 BSC release.

Elexon has received industry feedback on the Legal Text post Ofgem approval on 6 October 2023, as well as internal feedback during work with service providers to design the system changes required to implement Modification P415, and this has revealed that the P415 Legal Text does not correctly describe the intended solution for P415 as well as some inconsistencies and omissions.


Who will this impact?

BSC Parties Impacted

  • No Party Impacts

Party Agents Impacted

  • No Party Agent Impacts

BSC Systems Impacted

  • No System Impact

What is proposed?

P473 proposes corrections to some errors and discrepancies in eight sections of the approved P415 BSC Legal Text. It will ensure that the intention of the P415 Workgroup is correctly represented following a process of external and internal reviews as well as further engagement with National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) on their requirements.

How to respond

We invite you to respond to this Report Phase Consultation to provide your views on the Panel’s initial recommendations for P473. Please send your response to [email protected] using the form attached to the consultation by 5pm on Monday 17 June 2024.

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