UMSUG consultation on generic UMS Charge Codes for LED lighting products


Who will this impact?

We invite your views on changing how we provide Charge Codes for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products with Unmetered Supplies (UMS).
In the last two years we have issued over 3,000 UMS Charge Codes for LED street lights.
To mitigate this proliferation of LED Charge Codes, we propose to introduce new generic Charge Codes for LED lighting products and new supporting Switch Regimes for single-step dimming.
We invite your views on this, our proposed implementation approach and the appropriate implementation timescales.

We especially welcome views from Suppliers, UMS Operators, Meter Administrators, customers using LED lighting products with UMS (e.g. county councils, highways managers), providers of UMS inventory databases, providers of UMS Central Management Systems and manufacturers of LED lighting products.


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