Consultations for all Process, Operational and Credit areas

This page lists all Consultations relating to BSC and code processes, Market Entry and Compliance, and Operations and Settlement. The consultations allow ELEXON to gather feedback from the industry about proposed changes so that any concerns are considered as part of our processes.

This list does not include Change Consultations.

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Credit Assessment Price Consultation 08 May 2018


A trigger event has occurred, meaning that the absolute difference between the CAP and the reference price is greater than the upper trigger level of £6/MWh. As a result, a consultation on a new CAP value has commenced. You are invited to respond to this consultation using the consultation proforma.

The consultation period will end on Tuesday 15 May 2018 at 17:00. Please return responses to

Following the end of the consultation period, if required, the Credit Committee will try to meet on the week commencing 14 May 2018 to consider the responses, and decide whether to change the current CAP value and the trigger level.

Any change will be notified to all BSC Parties, and the new value will come into effect at least 15 Working Days later. If a Credit Committee meeting is not required at the end of the consultation period, the new CAP value of £53/MWh will be implemented on Thursday 7 June 2018.

DWG Consultation Skeleton Target Operating Models 2018


This consultation has been prepared by the Design Working Group to inform stakeholders about the skeleton TOMs and seeks your input on the design and evaluation work to date.

The TOM design work has been developed for Ofgem by the ELEXON-chaired Design Working Group. The Group has met monthly since October and produced five high level ‘skeleton’ TOM options, as set out in this consultation. We have approved the skeleton TOMs, concluding the first stage of the TOM design work.

The Design Working Group will now, through this consultation and a stakeholder seminar, seek stakeholder views on the skeleton TOMs to inform them as they proceed to stage 2, which is where the detailed design of the skeleton TOMs will be undertaken.

Consultation for Allocation of New Grid Supply Points to a GSP Groups


ELEXON has received three new GSP registrations application from the Transmission Company.  All relate to the reconfiguration of existing assets.

Harris GSP and Stornoway GSP (North of Scotland)

There are two proposed new GSPs on the Scottish Western Isles, to be known as Harris GSP (GSP HARG_P) and Stornoway GSP (GSP STOR_P).

The Transmission Company propose that both GSP HARG_P and GSP STOR_P are allocated to the North of Scotland (_P) GSP Group.

Ferrybridge (Yorkshire)

NPG Yorkshire (YEDB) is the current Registrant of an existing Distribution System Connection Point (DSCP) (FERRB9) at Ferrybridge B 132kV substation. NPG Yorkshire intends to de-register the DSCP and instead register these circuits as a new GSP FERRB_M to feed the Yorkshire (_M) GSP Group.

The Transmission Company propose that GSP FERRB_M is allocated to the Yorkshire (_M) GSP Group.


If you have any views on the allocation of the above GSPs to GSP Groups, please respond using the consultation response form and send your responses, entitled “Harris, Stornoway and Ferrybridge GSP Registration”, to by 17:00 on Monday 12 March 2018.

Changes to the Risk Evaluation Register for 2017/18


We identified seven new BSC Settlement Risks, which we are proposing to include as an addendum to the 2017/18 RER until such a time as the PAF documentation has undergone a full review as part of the PAF procedures work stream of the PAF review.


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