BSCP501 – Supplier Meter Registration Service

This BSCP defines those activities which enable the Supplier Meter Registration Service (SMRS) to fulfil its functions to:

Provide Suppliers with information relating to their MSIDs; provide Half Hourly Data Aggregators with MSID information; Non Half Hourly Data Aggregators with MSID information; receive and process Supplier data; Bulk Change of Non Half Hourly Supplier Agent; receive and process Licensed Distribution System Operator data; receive and process Market Domain Data; enable Transfers of Registrations between SMRS and CMRS; enable new connections where the same Metering Equipment at an Exemptable Generating Plant is comprised in both an SVA Metering System and a CVA Metering System, where Export Active Energy is traded in CVA and Import Active Energy is traded in SVA; record BSCCo Required Data.




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