Improving Microgeneration Processes in the Code Subsidiary Documents

DCP0030 has been raised from BSCP40 Issue 2: Review of Microgeneration Processes in the Code Subsidiary Documents, and proposes to make the following changes to Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) in relation to microgeneration:

When informed of the installation of microgeneration, the LDSO must inform the Import Supplier that the respective site is capable of microgeneration (BSCP515); and the Import Supplier and Meter Operator must investigate whether the relevant Meter is fitted with a backstop, and where applicable replace the Meter with one that is fitted with a backstop (BSCP514).

The changes proposed by DCP0030 seek to add transparency to the process of microgeneration installation by ensuring that the Import MPAN Supplier is aware that microgeneration is being installed.  In addition, clearly labelling the instruction to the Meter Operator when Meters are being checked to ensure a backstop is fitted will add clarity to this process.


DCP0030 was raised on 28 March 2008 from BSCP40 Issue 2.
DCP0030 was issued for Participant Impact Assessment on 11 April 2008.
DCP0030 v2.0 has been created in light of the responses received. DCP0030 v2.0 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment on 04 July 2008 as part of CPC00638. Following Industry Impact Assessment of DCP0030 v2.0, the changes detailed in DCP0030 v2.0 has been closed on 27 August 2008, and have been progressed further via two CPs: CP1259 and CP1260.


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