Amendments to timescales and requirements of the BSCP515 processes

This DCP0031 primarily concerns the process for disconnection of SVA Metering System, and also seeks to address process issues around energisation and de-energisation of SVA Metering Systems.  These processes are all found in BSCP515 ‘Licensed Distribution’.

The proposed change would add timescales and obligations to the SVA disconnection process in BSCP515.  Addition of these requirements would better define the process and therefore reduce the possibility of discrepancies arising in the number of MSIDs registered.  Such a reduction in the instances of registered MSID discrepancies would increase the integrity of Settlement.


DCP0031 proposed to clarify the timescales and requirements of the processes for disconnecting, energising and de-energising SVA Metering Systems. Following a mixed industry impact assessment response the SVG set up a workshop to develop a solution that is satisfactory to all participants. The recommendations of the DCP0031 workshop were presented to the SVG on 2 September 2008 (SVG91/07).

Although the DCP0031 workshop did not disagree with the intention of DCP0031 to better keep the Supplier informed during the processes, it did not agree with the DCP0031 solution. The workshop agreed that issues identified by DCP0031 could be better managed by improved business to business communications. The workshop concluded that there is no justifiable business case to progress DCP0031, and recommended that analysis should be conducted to ascertain the extent of any potential Settlement error.

The workshop also concluded that a workable solution to the immediate issues referenced in DCP0031 could not be arrived at without considering DCP0031 in the broader context of the other identified energisation, de-energisation and disconnection issues. Following the completion of the analysis a new BSCP40 issue should be raised and a group be set up to discuss the issues identified by the DCP0031 workshop.

The SVG agreed with these recommendations, closed DCP0031, and requested that the results of the analysis be presented to the SVG in order to determine whether a BSCP40 issue is required. The analysis was presented to the SVG on 2 December 2008. The SVG agreed with Elexon’s recommendations as set out in SVG94/05.


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