New Consumption Totals report

The implementation of CP1209 ‘Inclusion of MSID Counts on the GSP Group Consumption Totals Report’ will allow Suppliers to derive average consumption data per Consumption Component Class (CCCs) in respect of those CCCs in each GSP Group for which they were the registered Supplier. This will be achieved by amending the D0276 ‘GSP Group Consumption Totals Report’ to include a new data item, CCC MSID Count, and for the relevant changes to be made in the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) and Data Transfer Network (DTN). However, CP1209 will only detail respective CCC MSID Count data in those GSP Groups for which a Supplier is registered; in addition, this data will not be available to other Suppliers or to Distributors.

The SVG discussed this matter at its meeting on 1 April 2008 and determined that a Draft Change Proposal should be raised to propose an additional report issued to all Suppliers and Distributors detailing total CCC MSID counts across all GSP Groups.


DCP0032 was raised on 09 May 2008. DCP0032 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00633.  DCP0032 was presented to the SVG (SVG89/03) on 01 July 2008 for a decision on further progression. The SVG agreed with the recommendation that DCP0032 would be closed and that Elexon would not raise a Change Proposal. The SVG also noted that a Supplier or Distributor may raise a Change Proposal in the future.


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