Facilitating smart metering in the Half Hourly (HH) market

DCP0033 has been raised by Elexon on behalf of the Smart Metering Expert Group. The DCP proposes the introduction of a new Code of Practice that should facilitate the use of smart metering in the elective HH market and in so doing, make it more viable for Suppliers to move from NHH to HH without incurring significant costs.

Along with the new CoP, the DCP will alter documentation to exempt elective HH (£100kW) Metering Systems from some of the standard HH requirements currently in place, namely the performance of Proving Tests, Meter Advance Reconciliation and Protocol and Compliance Approval; this is on the basis that such Metering Systems could have been traded as NHH without having to go through these steps.


DCP0033 was raised on 4 July 2008 on behalf of the smart metering expert group. DCP0033 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00638.  Following Industry Impact Assessment DCP0033 has been converted into CP1261 on 27 August 2008.


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