Market Domain Data Review and Approval Process - Proposed Timetable for SVG meetings

SVG set up an MDD Expert Group in March 2008. This DCP is one of 4 changes recommended by the Group.

The current Market Domain Data (MDD) timetable is centred on Performance Assurance Board (PAB) dates. This was agreed to allow newly qualified Parties register into MDD as soon as they receive approval from the PAB. This arrangement meant that MDD changes are to the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) via the ex-committee route. Currently, the SVG has 5 working days to review all MDD changes submitted via the MDD SVG Paper and provide their decisions via email.

The Group identified that the current ex-committee process does not allow adequate consideration (and discussion) by the SVG of any issue associated with a MDD Change Request. The group proposes that all the dates in the process are calculated around the SVG monthly meeting dates. This will allow SVG to review and discuss all changes submitted for inclusion in a MDD publish at SVG meetings.


Elexon raised DCP0037 on 01 October 2008 on behalf of the MDD Expert Group. We issued DCP0037 for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC000644. DCP0037 has been closed and progressed as CP1271.


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