Submitting Meter Technical Details to the Technical Assurance Agent

DCP0040 consulted on two potential solutions to provide an alternative means of submitting Meter Technical Details (MTDs) to the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA).  The results showed that of the two solutions put forward, the preferred option was for the TAA to receive MTDs via the D0268 ‘Half Hourly Meter Technical Details’ flow received through the Data Transfer Network (DTN).


DCP0040 was raised on 09 January 2009 and was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00651.  DCP0040 was closed following discussion by the SVG, with no CP raised.  A change to improve MTD submission will potentially form part of a more comprehensive proposal to deliver improvements by amending obligations relating to the TAA and MTDs, after further consideration by Elexon.


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