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Draft Change Proposal: DCP0042

Replacing Erroneous Forward Looking EACs

Proposer: ELEXON

Current Phase: Closed

Lead Analyst: ELEXON Change

Category: SVA

Responsible Panel Committee: Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG)


ELEXON has raised DCP0042 with input from the GVC working group. DCP0042 suggests 4 mutually exclusive options to clarify the circumstances in which EAC’s can be replaced to achieve consistency in the application of the process. DCP0042 also suggest 5 mutually exclusive options around extending the EAC replacement to the Final Reconciliation (RF) deeming process.


DCP0042 was raised on 05 June 2009. DCP0042 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00662.  This DCP has been closed and progressed as CP1311


DCP0042  [42.6 Kb]
Document Date: 5 June 2009

CPC00662 responses Part 1  [276.3 Kb]
Document Date: 8 July 2009